Hi, I am Ujjwala Bassi, 24 y/o self-taught Illustrator and Graphic designer based in Delhi, India.

Sketching since childhood I turned my hobby into my profession. After graduating in Engineering, I connected back to creating art, digitally this time.

I started off by teaching myself the design softwares through various tutorials and practicing art by taking up various design challenges. I have been creating artworks for over 3 years now and find myself constantly inspired by my daily experiences and observations. I recently taught myself 2D Animation and constantly strive to learn more each passing day.

I have worked in branding, advertising & social media design projects, music cover artworks and children’s illustrations.

Along with art, I enjoy documenting my thoughts and topics I’m passionate about, on my public journal – Instagram. I do my best to live a slow, sustainable, eco-friendly life and try to help small businesses in any way I can. If you are someone within any of these spaces, I’d love to share the mutual love & collaborate with you!

I currently freelance full-time in Graphic Design, Illustration and 2D Animation.

Client List : Shantilal Sanghvi Foundation (Sun Pharma); Global Health Strategies; Creatives Educational Aids Pvt Ltd; Odd Giraffe; Australian Council for Educational Research and more.

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